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Neighbors Helping New Neighbors

We would like to thank Hashim and Alexandra Warren for their contributions to the CNNC. Alexandra Warren is originally from the DC-Maryland area. In the early 2000s, she decided to move and attend the University of North Carolina-Greensboro where she earned her graduate degree in dance. After graduating from UNCG, … Continued

Thank you Donna and Betty for your donation!

The CNNC would like to thank Donna Newton and her sister, Betty, for their recent donation. Donna Newton and her sister, Betty, donated a quilt designed by Elsie Sjuwe. The quilt depicts a group of young children playing on a snowy tundra. Their bundled faces portray carefree spirits and happiness … Continued

Celebrating a Long Legacy and Passing the Baton

“In my heart I was a social worker, but I never really knew I was.” This is the instinct that led Dr. Mary Anne Busch to pursue a career in social work. Like many in her family, she always had an instinct to help others, and when her husband accepted … Continued

Apply Today to AmeriCorps!

Serve your community and be active in changing lives as an AmeriCorps member! Through AmeriCorps, you can tackle America’s most pressing issues. At the CNNC, you can work directly with immigrants and refugees as we promote access and integration into the Greater Greensboro Area! Click Here to learn more and … Continued

Women’s Resilience in the Face of Trauma

International Women’s Month aims to raise awareness about matters impacting gender equality, equity, and access, acknowledge the achievements of women in the past, and highlight the progress that has been made and continues to impact our lived experiences.  In honor of International Women’s Month this March, we would like to … Continued

Resettlement and Race: A Complicated Intersection

As Black history month comes to a close, we want to acknowledge the plurality of African and African American experiences right here in our city. Greensboro’s history of Civil Rights activism, and immigrant and refugee integration has made it unique, especially as it continues to grow as a racially and … Continued

Reopening the Community Centers and Regaining Hope

Community gives us unlimited capacities to grow. After five months of being closed due to COVID-19, the CNNC Community Centers reopened in September. Located across the city of Greensboro are our three community centers: Glen Haven, Oakwood Forest, and the newest center, the Community Enrichment Center. The Community Centers support … Continued

Interpreting Saved My Life

Interpretation demands accuracy. That’s why Cesar Bastias goes by Tony when he’s interpreting. Many people were misinterpreting his first name as “scissor,” so he picked Tony for its simplicity. For Tony, delivering accurate interpretation is so vital that he altered his own name so as to be understood correctly. Tony, … Continued