Thank you Donna and Betty for your donation!

Posted on September 07, 2021

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The CNNC would like to thank Donna Newton and her sister, Betty, for their recent donation.

Donna Newton and her sister, Betty, donated a quilt designed by Elsie Sjuwe. The quilt depicts a group of young children playing on a snowy tundra. Their bundled faces portray carefree spirits and happiness as they toss one of the children in the air using a large blanket.

For Donna, the quilt represents true childhood innocence and joy, qualities she wishes we kept as adults. She believes the artist “wanted to capture these qualities for posterity.”

According to Donna, Betty loved to travel, meet people, and learn about the cultures of the world. For Donna and Betty, the beauty of the quilt represents the beauty and humanity of the world, its cultures, and all future generations of people. For the sisters, the quilt provides a sense of hope and light when the world seems cold, bleak, and despondent.

When asked why the CNNC should be the new home of the sisters’ beloved quilt, Donna responded saying that the CNNC “is the perfect place for this [the quilt] in celebration of all cultures and children everywhere.”

The quilt now hangs at the front entrance of the CNNC. When we here at the CNNC walk past the quilt, we are reminded on the innocence, joy, and hope the people of the world and its future generations can bring.

We are forever grateful for Donna and Betty’s donation.

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Ashley Loper-Nowak | Graduate Assistant

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