Thriving at Three


Grecia Navarro at or at 336-315-7767.


The purpose of Thriving at Three is to assure that Latino immigrant children in Greensboro have a positive and strong foundation from birth to three. The CNNC accomplishes this goal by delivering long-term at-home services to at-risk families until the child’s third year – partnering with the parents to provide direct intervention, parenting education, group meetings, case management, referrals, and care coordination for up to the child’s third year.

Currently, the program is working with 40 families. Children’s developmental status is assessed using Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). Some parents receive the Crianza con Cariño Curriculum to increase their knowledge in child development and parent-child interaction.

“Familias Triunfantes” group sessions are conducted to support the parents and their children.


  • To educate parents about their child’s developmental stages
  • To support families as they help their children reach their full potential
  • To provide positive parental skills
  • To ensure early detection of developmental delays and provide proper referral

Population Served

Servicing 40 families in Greensboro, North Carolina

Eligibility Criteria

Low-income Latino immigrant family (Spanish-speaking only) pregnant or with child under 36 months.

To make a referral, please click here for our referral form.

Pictured: Maria Hernandez, read her interview below

Get involved


Individuals who love working with small children up to the age of three can volunteer with our Thriving at Three program. Thriving at Three seeks to build a strong developmental foundation for the infants and very young children of Latino immigrants through parental education, support, and care coordination. Volunteers from several backgrounds, especially those with social work, family development or educational experience are well suited to assist the program.

To volunteer, contact Grecia Navarro at or at 336-315-7767.


  • Books for readers 0-4 years old, Spanish, English, and bi-lingual Spanish/English
  • Craft supplies and materials
  • Developmental and learning toys

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Sponsoring Source

United Way of Greater Greensboro


For more information on the Thriving at Three Initiative sponsored by the United Way of Greater Greensboro, please click here.





Special thank you to Pastor Susan Suarez-Webster and Guilford College United Methodist Church for providing the space for our weekly group meetings.

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