CNNC Fellows Program

Learn more about our Fellows Program, academics and community-based professionals who conduct participatory research projects to study integration processes with immigrant and refugee communities. Center Fellows seek equitable representation of immigrant colleagues and community members throughout all stages of research to ensure that community interests and goals are adequately studied.

CNNC Research Projects

Our Fellows are engaged in a variety of research endeavors. Learn more about their projects here.

Our mission is to strengthen immigrant and refugee communities through participatory research, evaluation, community education and engagement.

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The Center for New North Carolinians (CNNC) Fellows are community-based academics, professionals, and practitioners who undertake community-based research, advocacy, education, outreach, and practice related to refugees and immigrants in the state of North Carolina. The CNNC Fellows program began in 2001 as a small group but has now grown to a network of approximately 50 people. The mission of the group is to support the CNNC’s work by strengthening immigrant and refugee communities through participatory research, evaluation, community education and engagement. CNNC Fellows seek to center community interests and goals in these endeavors. Fellows represent several communities, organizations, agencies, and institutions of higher education.

The Fellows meet monthly during the academic year to share and network with other Fellows around immigrant research, teaching, policy, and practice interests. Fellows are also expected to join one of the subcommittees; these subcommittees set their own meeting schedule and report to the larger group. Each subcommittee will focus on a goal related to the annual theme and/or to the work of the CNNC. Fellows develop their individual projects related to the overall theme for the year in consultation with colleagues, provide feedback through a list serve, participate in related professional and academic gatherings, present on their findings at CNNC sponsored conferences at UNCG and elsewhere, sometimes submit collaborative funding proposals or jointly-authored manuscripts, and further disseminate their findings through additional venues as appropriate. 

Fellows strive to assure that programs and interventions with immigrant and refugee communities are committed to full and equal engagement of participants and to practices that lead toward full and equitable integration of newcomers. 

The CNNC Fellows Program is open to anyone with research, work, or interest related to immigrants and refugees in North Carolina. To join, please email Dr. Diya Abdo at


Contact Dr. Diya Abdo, CNNC Director, if interested in becoming a research fellow at