Linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers often prevent immigrants and refugees from receiving adequate health care. The Immigrant Health Access Project (IHAP) utilizes the community health worker model to reduce these barriers and promote access to care for uninsured immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Greensboro.

Population / Area Served

IHAP reaches over 700 immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Greensboro each year, with a focus on communities from Latin America, Vietnam (including Montagnard populations), Bhutan, Burma, Central Africa (including the Democratic Republic of Congo), Iraq, Sudan, and Syria.


For general questions, email [email protected]
Program Coordinator: 
Tyler Paul
Phone: 336.315.7016
E-mail: [email protected]


IHAP aims to increase access to integrated health care—which includes primary, behavioral, and oral care—among uninsured immigrant and refugee adults. IHAP’s six community health workers and two program coordinators assist clients with gaining and maintaining access to integrated care by:

  • Engaging with clients through regular community outreach
  • Assisting with ACA and Orange Card enrollment and renewal
  • Reducing social barriers preventing healthcare access via information and referrals
  • Supporting clients in navigating the healthcare system
  • Helping to coordinate services among GCCN partners, specialty care, and clients
  • Providing interpretation and sight translation for clients

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