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AmeriCorps: Then and Now

This week is AmeriCorps Week. It’s the time to show your AmeriCorps spirit and passion for national service – an opportunity to celebrate, recognize, and appreciate members, programs and organizations that make the national initiative successful. As we celebrate AmeriCorps Week here at the CNNC, we look back almost 25 years … Continued

Look Where They are Now!

Keeping up with AmeriCorps members after they graduate is inspiring. Alums continue to have a lasting impact in their communities, as well as across the state. The CNNC is proud to have 11 staff who originally served as AmeriCorps members. Their good character, program-planning skills and cultural awareness make them … Continued

Continuing to Give Back and Support AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps alums are everywhere. Faith Josephs works at the Development and Strategic Initiatives Director at the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte, the largest immigrant rights organization in the Carolinas. The Coalition has been an ACCESS partnership for years. As a current ACCESS Site supervisor and alum, Faith Josephs reflects on … Continued

“Serving is beyond feeling good, it’s a way of life.”

Meet Ghaisha, AmeriCorps member extraordinaire. Full of passion and purpose, she loves AmeriCorps. “Serving is beyond feeling good,” she says, “It’s a way of life.” In her third year with AmeriCorps ACCESS, Ghaisha helps newcomers find jobs. She has built good relationships with many employers in the area and these … Continued