The March Continues…

Posted on January 30, 2019

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Community Center youth, AmeriCorps members, interns & CNNC Staff march in Greensboro's MLK Day Parade 1/21/2019

On a cold and windy Monday morning, CNNC joined with east Greensboro in a march of celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his legacy. Students from Legacy Crossing and Oakwood Forest Community Centers as well as CNNC Staff, AmeriCorps, and interns numbered over 40 strong.

Excited by the opportunity to march in the streets, one six year old student tells me that this is her first time in a parade and hopes everyone gets to see her sign she made.

It reads “Justice for All”.

Another sign, which has been tossed between many children as hands got tired of holding reads “Refugees are Welcome”.

Despite the persistent cold, the kids find joy in the smiling faces and waves offered by the crowds that line the street. Many of them march in blankets and huddled packs, scattering after the candy given out by other demonstrators.

The kids represent an important legacy of Greensboro; they are a part of a long line of immigrants and refugees who have found home here in Greensboro. Their presence in the march stands as a testament to the message of equality for all that Dr. King stood for.

By Elijah Rogan-Kelly, CNNC Intern, Sustainable Food Systems Major, Guilford College



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