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Precarity and Persistence in the Time of the Pandemic

As it has been said by many observers already, this current pandemic may have initially seemed like the great equalizer in terms of class and race – after all, it looked like it was taking the rich with the poor, the white with the black, the green with the dry … Continued

Hmong Students and UNCG

The Center for New North Carolinians had a special visitor in March, La Khang Yang, the first AmeriCorps ACCESS Administrative Assistant. La helped to launch the ACCESS Project in the mid 1990’s, working part-time while she also worked on a social work degree. She was also the first Hmong student … Continued

“I can’t go to the doctor, I can’t afford it.”

Tila was in rough shape. She had recently lost her job at a Wilkes County poultry plant. Finances and concerns about how to best raise their four children in a new country added more stress to her marriage. Then she got sick…. really sick. To make things worse, losing her … Continued

Shifting Worlds

Monsters to Destroy: A Humorous Multimedia Talk by Ben Tumin Thursday, August 23, 7pm Guilford College Dana Auditorium Shift Worlds: Displacement and Forced Migration In Modern Times Friday, August 24, 9am-5pm Registration begins at 8:30am UNC Greensboro Alunmi House, Virgina Dare Room Register here Join the CNNC, Guilford College and … Continued

Honoring World Refugee Day In Greensboro

On June 20, the world commemorates the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees. Globally, nationally and locally, we recognize the day by celebrating cultures, sampling multiethnic food, and embracing our common humanity. This year, in Greensboro, NC events will be more subdued. It is difficult to celebrate in … Continued

Be a part of our next AmeriCorps Team!

Annually, the CNNC AmeriCorps ACCESS Project places members with partner agencies all over the state. Eager to serve the immigrant and refugee community, members make a year commitment.  You too, can have an impact on your community. Find out why AmeriCorps and the AmeriCorps ACCESS Project are a great way … Continued

The Waiting Game of Immigration

“After 14 years, I can say I am a resident of the United States!  And all of it was thanks to your help!” – Catrina, Immigration Services client Kathy Hinshaw, CNNC staff member, opened her mail one morning in December to see this note from a client. Originally from Peru, … Continued

Immigrants & Refugees in Crisis

SPECIAL UPDATES REGARDING CHANGING GOVERNMENTAL POLICIES RELATED TO IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES AND THE RESULTING CONSEQUENCES. In accordance with our mission of promoting access and integration for immigrants and refugees in North Carolina, CNNC wants to highlight current research and real facts related to immigrant and refugee integration into our society. … Continued

Security Measures Already in Place for Refugees Resettling in the U.S.

Syrian refugees

Amidst the tragic events occurring in Paris and beyond, our society has responded with knee-jerk reactions that don’t fully consider the processes put in place to protect U.S. citizens while showing compassion to the world’s most vulnerable populations. CNNC Research fellows want to ensure that our community has access to … Continued