Staff 2017 Reflections

Posted on December 21, 2017

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“I have loved sharing incredible food with my new colleagues & community members!”
Kelsey White

“Building relationships that will help us to continue serving the community.”
Judy Herrera

“I look for fulfillment in the face of every volunteer.”
Tawanna Williams Maryland

“Hosting a mini-career fair for our AmeriCorps members to get some ideas of ways in which they could continue making an impact in their communities.”
Cynthia Mejia

“Meeting & working with some amazing people who are dedicated, committed, & passionate about helping immigrants & refugees to become self-sufficient & contributing members of our society.”
Khouan Rodriguez

“Working with dedicated people who are professional, caring, & committed to working with the most vulnerable -immigrants & refugees.”
Mary Anne Busch

“I planned two successful baby showers for expecting moms at the community centers.”
Natacha Nikokeza

“I look forward to making new friends.”
Vung Ksor

“I love my colleagues & the work I do! I am humbled by the incredible families we serve.”
Lizzie Biddle

“Assisting families in the immigration process & seeing their joy upon receiving their Green card.”
Kathy Hinshaw

“I am thrilled to have finished my first year with Thriving at Three.”
Krycya Flores Rojas

“Getting to know each individual client & colleague on a unique personal basis.”
Jannifer Pastorick

“Being able to reach five new, first time moms through our Thriving at Three program.”
Veronica Gonzalez

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

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