Pizza Party

Posted on May 03, 2022

Pizza Party

Weekly group meetings at Thriving at Three are always a blast! Mothers and children in the program gather with teachers and interns to fellowship while working on social and developmental skills.

Today there were some special guests joining the group! It’s a van full of inspired students from Hamilton College in New York. These students drove all the way from upstate to explore community service organizations in the south. According to one of their students, “there are no organizations in upstate New York like Thriving at Three.” She hoped to use these experiences to build similar programs in her community.

After meeting all of the college students and catching up with friends, everyone gathered around for story time. One little girl was so excited to dance, so everyone joined in and sang along to the Hokie Pokie.

Then the mothers and children split apart, however they didn’t know that there was a surprise coming. All 40 mothers were given forms to sign up for free memberships to the Greensboro Children’s Museum! Meanwhile the children enjoyed the company of the new students playing tag and building Mr.Potatoheads.

Next the children, teachers, students, mothers, and interns all joined together to have a meal.
Thanks to coordinator Bentley Cornett, who brought the pizza, and TAT mothers, who brought chips and dip with homemade cookies, there was plenty of food to go around.

By Kendall Rourk

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