One Story of Hope

Posted on November 24, 2015

When I first came to the United States, I came across a new experience, which is volunteering in a community center. Community Centers are locations where people of a certain community can meet and socialize. I was really astonished of this idea of involving and serving the population of a given place. In Ashton Woods Community Center, I am having this great experience of volunteering in a community center.

The center is offering different services to the community population, and people come from other places are very welcomed, too. The community center is offering different services; such as, tutoring for youth that is performed by our great university students who are always adding a high spirit to the center. Helping with interpretation and translation of documents for the families is another service that helps people to get engaged in the system. Providing case management like employment. Also, the center offers English classes for the community two-days a week.

Amira Mustafa is a female who arrived as a refugee with her family Summer 2014. She came from Iraq with her husband and two daughters and son. She was living in one of the hottest spots in Iraq where violence has the loudest voice; Anbar Province. They could hardly flee the city and took hard roads to reach Baghdad to fly through its international airport. They left their house and belongings in search of safety and better future for their children. When I saw Amira and talk to her, I recognized that she is a clever and enthusiastic about learning. Although her father prevented her from going to middle school after she finished her elementary school because the cultural norms in her family prevent that, she is now very eager to complete her study here and gain her GED. She is now learning English in the New Arrivals Institute, and she is coming to the center to learn more.  All of her kids are in school and her husband is working and considering applying for an ESL degree at GTCC.  Amira is making progress in despite the challenges she faces, and she hopes to make more progress. She knows that the road is long and hard, yet she is determining to continue.

It is great to be around people who are trying to change their life. They give examples that human beings are able to accept change and overcome challenges.

Nidhal Moshin, originally from Iraq, has been living in High Point with her husband and son.  She has four kids attending local colleges.  Nidhal is working on a degree in Adult Education with a concentration in Community Education at NC A&T.  She served as an AmeriCorps ACCESS Member for two years: 2014-2015 at CNNC Ashton Woods Community Center, and this current year, 2015-2016, at Church World Service, Greensboro.

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