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Posted on November 09, 2017

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What my teacher puts on the board, I cannot see.” — Win Win Aye

Win Win, a 6th grade student active at the Glen Haven Community Center, shared with a CNNC intern that she was having difficulty seeing in the classroom at school.

Having been in the country less than two years, the CNNC helped her parents make the needed appointments with an eye doctor. Sure enough, Win Win is nearsighted. Walking out of the doctor’s office wearing her new glasses, Win Win softly exclaimed, “Everything is so beautiful.”

Now Win Win can see the board, help her young cousin read street signs and best of all, enjoy the beauty of nature.

Being a newcomer can be tricky. How does a refugee family know where to go to get services they need? The CNNC is in the community, helping families work toward self-sufficiency. Along the way, we are blessed with beautiful moments like this one.

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