Celebrating a CNNC Superstar

Posted on November 01, 2019

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Tawanna facilitating a Glen Haven Bizkids Program

A CNNC Superstar is moving on!  Tawanna Maryland has been with the CNNC for four years, the longest time allowable in AmeriCorps, and only then, with special permission. Tawanna spent two years at the Glen Haven Community Center, running the after-school youth tutoring and social enrichment program. Then the subsequent two years at the CNNC’s main office as the organization’s volunteer coordinator.

Tawanna brings a creative flair to everything she does. With her years of experience coordinating a Guilford County School ACES program, Tawanna delivered an enriching and diverse range of programs to the over 50 youth frequenting the Glen Haven center. From Magical Mid-day Musical sessions involving outside instrumental performances to joyful holiday celebrations to the multi-year entrepreneurial and financial learning program Bizkids: Tawanna always made it special!

After the traditional maximum term of service of two years at the Glen Haven Center, Tawanna applied to continue serving as the CNNC’s Volunteer Coordinator – a position that ended at the end of August 2019. She continued to blossom and infuse herself into this role and into the office, bringing her contagious, vibrant energy for service, social justice, creative arts, and the community.

In the Volunteer Coordinator position, Tawanna enriched the community with several projects. These included innovative activities at summer youth camps and a series of cultural awareness activities that built bridges and educated local faith communities to the rich cultural traditions of our community’s newcomers. Her last big project this summer was a Teen Summer Institute for Social Arts. Through a partnership with NC Works and their NextGen program, six teens participated in the summer-long program building leadership skills and a desire to serve. In addition to serving at each of the community centers, the teens had the opportunity to write journals about their family stories. Tawanna took them to a local bookstore where the proprietor, taught them bookbinding so they could preserve their histories in written form.

Tawanna’s positive energy and creativity will be missed by CNNC and the communities she served as she carries her spirit of service to other amazing places. We thank her for sharing her talents with us and we wish her success in all her future endeavors!

Tawanna leads the annual Mystery Camp with close to 70 youth participants
Tawanna at an outreach event with fellow AmeriCorps ACCESS Member Nozipho Viki (left), Tawanna center, and CNNC staff member Natacha Nikokeza (right).
Tawanna with some of the Glen Haven Bizkids
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