August 2012 CNNC Newsletter

Posted on September 28, 2012

The Center for New North Carolinians Newsletter – August 2012

Building bridges among immigrant populations and existing communities throughout the state of North Carolina… 

Dear Reader,

September is the end and beginning for a lot of people. Summer vacation ends and kids start back to school. A cohort of AmeriCorps volunteer members completed their year to two year mission while a new set of members commenced their service. CNNC has also been busy, unpacking supplies, moving furniture and beginning a new chapter at the Lofts on Lee. Even the community center at the Avalon Apartments has taken advantage of the changes and moved to Ashton Woods where the hope is that the community center and the services offered can continue to expand.

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AmeriCorps: An Opportunity to Achieve and Impact

The AmeriCorps Coordinators at CNNC, are busy launching the service terms for 48 new members. Orientation kicked off at the Greensboro Buddhist Center. Its be an exciting time as the new members finally start the work they’ve been preparing to take on.

The AmeriCorps Program provides opportunities for people to serve in communities all over the nation, know that they are making a difference, and growing in their experience . The work these members do does not go unappreciated or unnoticed. Each member receives a monetary award at the completion of their service. Members in the Intern positions work 900 hours and are awarded with $2,775 towards their education.

Locally, Members serve in places like RING (Refugee and Immigrant Network of Guilford), community centers that offer after school tutoring among other services, and the African Services Coalition, to name just a few. Placements are according to individual interest so members can invest in a cause that is personally fulfilling.

Each year AmeriCorps looks to recruit people of all ages that are passionate about making a difference. Don’t miss out on the chance to achieve strides toward personal excellence as well as directly impact communities in North Carolina. If you are interested and would like to serve in the future, email [email protected] for more information about how to apply!


As announced in August’s newsletter, CNNC has moved to the Lofts on Lee. It has been exciting to expand with the rest of the UNCG campus.  August and September were filled with the hustle and bustle of cleaning, storing, packing and unpacking. The new address is 915 W Lee St, Suite A, Greensboro.

From Avalon Trace to Ashton Woods

CNNC’s main office is not the only thing that has moved: the community center that has been located at Avalon Trace Apartments for roughly five years, has now relocated to the Ashton Woods Apartment complex.  The community center at Ashton Woods will offer the same services it offered while at Avalon such as ESOL classes, tutoring and activities for the adults among others. The new location also offers amenities like close proximity to the bus line and schools. CNNC staff have been impressed with the way the management at Ashton Woods have engendered a welcoming atmosphere and look forward to serving the community there.


Welcoming Frannie Varker as the new Volunteer Coordinator!

September 24-28: Adult Health Clinic at Vandalia Church as a collaborative effort between the New Arrivals Institute, Congregational Nurses and CNNC. For more information email Maha Elobeid at [email protected].

Closed Level 1 Professional Interpreter Training September 28-29. 

An OPEN interpreter training session will be held in December!
Contact Susan Chilcott if interested in participating at [email protected].

The CNNC utilizes over 120 volunteers each semester from local universities, colleges, schools, and community organizations. Interested in getting involved? Sign up to receive our Volunteer Newsletter! Once a month we send out a list of opportunities for you to get involved in welcoming the new arrivals to your community! Simply email Frannie Varker at [email protected], to sign up!

Don’t underestimate the power you have to make a difference!

Thank you so much for your continued interest and involvement. 

– the CNNC Staff

Did you know…?
Unicef has volunteers in some Syrian refugee camps who, according to the BBC News, focus on helping the children find joy and healing after witnessing so much bloodshed. Volunteers have set up playgrounds and parents are thrilled because it has been a long time since their children have been able to play outside. There are also opportunities for children to receive individual counseling services if necessary.

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