• Welcome to Dr. Diya Abdo

    Welcome to Dr. Diya Abdo

    CNNC’s New Director

  • Curious about AmeriCorps?

    Curious about AmeriCorps?

    We are hiring!

  • Interpreter Training

    Interpreter Training

    Spring 2020 Workshops

  • Make An Impact Now!

    Make An Impact Now!

    Spring 2020 Volunteer Orientations



The CNNC promotes access and integration for immigrants and refugees in North Carolina by bridging newcomer populations with existing communities through direct service provision, research, and training. Specifically, the CNNC conducts:

• Community-based outreach initiatives and programming to help immigrants and refugees build their capacity to navigate complex systems in their new home.

• Research and evaluation studies to educate the general public, track demographic trends, and enhance the quality of service provision.

• Experiential training and leadership development for all community members through AmeriCorps positions, internships, volunteer experiences, and workshops.


The Community Enrichment Center (CEC) kicked off its youth program!

This month, we kicked off the youth program to focus on helping school-aged children thrive in school through tutoring and after school programs.
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Yesterday was #InternationalDayofEducation, a day to celebrate the role of education towards peace and development, a human right and a public responsibility.

Stay tuned to see what our community centers are doing to promote inclusive and equitable education for the youths!