Lauren Uwimana

Lauren was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and her family moved to Rwanda when she was 2 months old baby. Lauren grew up in Rwanda where she and her family lived until 2008, when they moved to the United States as refugees. Her family was resettled by African Services Coalition. Lauren is the oldest child in her family and has played the role of parent to her younger siblings when her parents were both working night shifts to sustain the family. Seeing some of the challenges refugees face moving to a new county made her want to work harder and help in any way that she can. Lauren applied to be an  AmeriCorps ACCESS Member in 2015 and served for one year at the Legacy Crossing Community Center.  She also worked as an interpreter ever since she graduated high school in 2014. Lauren has done a lot of volunteering work helping refugees resettle through Church World Services, another refugee resettlement agency in Greensboro. Lauren took a full-time position at CNNC as a Community Program Coordinator in September 2019 at the CNNC’s newest community center. Lauren enjoys swimming and trying new food.