Speaking Engagements

The CNNC offers talks, presentations, trainings, and workshops on a variety of topics related to refugees and immigrants with a focus on health, education, laws and policies, cultural humility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Geared towards a range of audiences, these speaking engagements are especially well-suited for institutions, organizations, and groups working with, for, and alongside refugee and immigrant populations and those interested in learning more about refugee and immigrant communities and experiences.

Sample talks and presentations:

— Immigrant Health Access
— Substance Use Among Refugees
— Mental Health and Cultural Humility
— Impact of COVID-19 on Refugee and Immigrant Health
— Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Refugee and Immigrant Stories of Resilience, Strength, and Success
— COVID-19 — Refugee and Immigrant Stories of Resilience, Strength, and Success
— Understanding the Refugee Experience: Journey and Resettlement
— Changes in Immigration with the New Administration
— Knowing the Classroom: Engaging Students from Refugee and Immigrant Backgrounds

Sample trainings and workshops:

— Culturally Responsive Communication and Psychological First Aid
— Unconditional Positive Regard – Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Students and Parents
— Implementing The Community Health Worker Model
— Mental Health and Cultural Humility
— Preparing Public Health and Social Work Interns

For bookings, questions, and requests for customized presentations or trainings, please email CNNCSpeakers@uncg.edu