Regions that Contribute to our Local Population


There are over 9,000 people from many of the 54 African nations living in Guilford County, with no official population numbers. They come from Christian, Muslim, and traditional religious orientations and represent numerous tribal affiliations. About 10 percent of Guilford County’s African population are refugees.  Some communities have roots at NC A&T State University that go back to the sixties when the university was recognized as a valuable educational resource by many developing countries. The African Services Coalition, a nonprofit organization composed of representatives from different African communities, seeks to foster cooperation between the various communities and gives the following Guilford population estimates as follows:

NIGERIA: The Nigerian population is an older, well-established community believed to be the largest African community in Guilford County with about 3000 people, including second and third generations. This group reflects a variety of religious and tribal traditions.

GHANA: Guilford County has a long-term, multigenerational Ghanaian population consisting of approximately 500 people.

SIERRA LEON: A well established population of 700 people of Sierra Leonese ancestery has made Guilford County their home.

SUDAN: The Sudanese population is a diverse population. Most Sudanese have come to Guilford County within the last ten years and are currently around 4,500 people. Many fled the long-standing war in this largest country of Africa. A group of young Sudanese from the south, commonly referred to as the “Lost Boys,” were resettled as refugees.  Most of the Sudanese population, however, is Muslim, from the north.

NIGER: An estimated 500 people from Niger have remained here though several migrated to other states in the last few years.

SOMALIA: There are approximately 300 refugees from Somalia who remain here though several have migrated to other states. Many are Benadir, a devout Sunni Muslim group from the city of Mogadishu, though new incoming refugees are from other tribes.

LIBERIA: There are an estimated 800 Liberians settled in Guilford County. This population includes some refugees who are recent arrivals, and others who have lived in Guilford County for many years.

SENEGAL, CAMEROON, IVORY COAST, TOGO, BURKINA FASO, MALI: Collectively, there are an estimated 500 people from French speaking nations in West Africa that have resettled in the Guilford County area.

RWANDA, ZAMBIA, UGANDA, KENYA, BURUNDI, CONGO, and OTHER CENTRAL AFRICAN COUNTRIES: These diverse communities represent a population of over 750, many of whom are recent arrivals from this troubled region of the world.

ETHIOPIA:  About 250 people from Ethiopia in East Africa reside in Guilford County.

NORTH AFRICA:  About 250 people from the North African countries close to the Mediterranean now reside here.