Laura Gonzalez, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Video Training of So Much Potential
  • Resource: So Much Potential
  • Description: This will be most useful for educators or community advocates, but could also be seen by immigrant parents or high school students. Laura Gonzalez did a training session for CNNC community coordinators, which was recorded by Jannifer Pastorick. The website that was discussed during the training provides resources for college access for immigrant students regardless of their immigration status.
  • Keywords: College Access, Immigration Status,

Carmen Monico, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

  • Flipped Activity
  • Course: SOWK/SWK624 Social Work Practice and Human Diversity-002, Graduate Level Course
  • Catalogue Description: Examines cultural and social diversity; addresses theoretical and practical dimensions of social work practice with people oppressed by skin color, gender, age, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation. Description of the course activity (flipped activity): Prior to class, students watch a video on various identities and lived experiences as immigrants, take notes and answer to questions for discussion in class.

Deborah Reisinger, Duke University

  • Syllabus¬†
  • Course: Issues for Global Displacement: Voix Francophones, Upper-Level Undergraduate Course
  • Syllabus, Upper-Level French
  • Keywords: Languages, Francophone Africa, Pedagogy