Current Members

African Services Coalition - Greensboro

Deirdre Mack

Deirdre was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  She joined AmeriCorps because she wanted to develop professionally in order better serve the community, in the best way possible.  After her AmeriCorps term, Deirdre would like to continue her academic endeavors at a four-year institution/university, after successfully completing her Associate of Arts degree.  She is passionate about helping individuals who are not necessarily able to help themselves.  One day, she hopes to be in a position where she can help more and provide resources to those who don’t have them.  In her free time, Deirdre enjoys reading and catching up on old/current news.  She also enjoys watching tv-shows dealing with mystery.

Catholic Charities - Charlotte

Den Baseda

Den is originally from Vietnam.  He grew up in the Charlotte and Matthews areas of North Carolina.  He chose to join AmeriCorps to continue his Peace Corps service and continue serving the community he comes from.  After his AmeriCorps year, Den would like to attend graduate or professional school or even continue with another AmeriCorps or Peace Corps term.  He is passionate about learning from the community in order to better serve in rural, immigrant/refugee, and other underserved communities.  In his spare time, Den enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Thaddeus Beaver

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Mikah Findley

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Centro La Comunidad - Burlington

Genara Yadira Olmos

Yadira is originally from Ecuador and grew up there.  She joined AmeriCorps because it is a great opportunity to help people and get new knowledge and experience.  After her AmeriCorps service term, Yadira plans to continue improving her English with the ultimate goal of becoming a professional interpreter.  She is very passionate about making crafts.  Yadira likes to spend her free time with her three children.  They like to go to the park to run or ride bikes.

Church World Service - Durham

Carolena Robertson

Carly was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina.  She joined AmeriCorps because she wanted the chance to serve the community while exploring possible career options and learning more about other’s experiences.  After AmeriCorps, Carly would like to return to school to pursue a master’s in social work degree.  She is passionate about making sure both children and adults feel welcome and included.  She is passionate about equitable education.  In her free time, Carly likes to watch sports, (especially Carolina basketball), cook new recipes, and spend time outside.

Julia Cash

Julia is from the thriving metropolis of Dayton, Ohio (the real birthplace of flight).  She then decided to attend college at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.  Joining AmeriCorps was a happy accident that occurred when she graduated college a year early.  This made it so she could really decide what she wanted to do with her time.  She heard about AmeriCorps and its goal of Getting Things Done! and decided that this was the right place for her to spend her time. After her service year, Julia plans to attend law school.  She is both terrified and excited!  She finds herself being very invested in social issues such as women’s rights and spreading inclusivity in this country.  She also has a real belief that – for all its flaws – our justice system can get things done and make things better.  In her free time, Julia is currently the coach for the Duke Undergraduate Mock Trial.  She also likes to chill with her kitten, Chipotle, and fangirl over Olympic figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu.

Jennifer DelVecchio

Jenny was born and raised in Jamestown, North Carolina.  She chose to join AmeriCorps because she wanted to help people and she knew she would look back and regret not pursuing the opportunity.  After AmeriCorps, Jenny is considering applying to the foreign service or the Peace Corps.  She is passionate about languages and learning more about other cultures.  In her free time, Jenny enjoys learning new skills, from juggling to power-lifting and anything in between.

Church World Service - Greensboro

Susannah Burley

Susannah was born and grew up in Trinity, North Carolina.  She joined AmeriCorps because she became passionate about advocacy and helping her community while in college.  After she graduated (in May 2019), she joined the AmeriCorps ACCESS Project so she could continue this work in her own backyard.  After AmeriCorps, Susannah would like to stay in the community and continue her efforts in local advocacy work.  She is passionate about improving her community, that and Boston Terriers.  In her free time, Susannah likes to spend time with friends and family, and most importantly, her dog.  She also enjoys reality television.

Glen Haven Community Center - Greensboro

Asia Bingaman

Asia is originally from California, having grown up in Long Beach.  She chose to join AmeriCorps to gain more life experience.  She plans to attend graduate school for education when her AmeriCorps service term is completed.  She is passionate about education and learning.  And in her free time, Asia enjoys reading and watching documentaries.

Early Smith

Early grew up in Arizona.  Though she is technically from there, she never really considered it home.  She chose to join AmeriCorps because she knew it would give her the opportunity to serve the refugee community.  She aspires to make this a lifetime career and AmeriCorps seems to be a good starting place.  After AmeriCorps, Early would like to work with an organization that serves refugees and immigrants.  She is passionate about her children and giving back.  She is also passionate about ethnic food, traveling, and gardening.  Early likes to spend her free time with her children and friends, gardening, cooking, going to music events, crafting, and relaxing.

Alison Simmons

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Glenwood Library - Greensboro

Sanja Grgic

Sanja is originally from the former Yugoslavia, where her birth city is now in Bosnia-Hercegovina.  She grew up there until the age of 26 and then moved to Germany, where she lived for 6 years before coming to the United States, 22 years ago.  She served her first term in AmeriCorps about 10 years ago and that was a good experience!  She enjoys feeling engaged and connected to the community.  The position where she will serve this year will provide her with needed experience for future jobs as an ESL teacher.  After AmeriCorps, Sanja will probably complete a teaching internship.  There is a possibility to do another part-time AmeriCorps year for ESL, at a different site.  Right now, she is passionate about education.  Teaching ESL has pulled together a lot of her previous experiences, skills, strengths and cultural competence.  Her passion is helping immigrant and refugee communities in need.  In her spare time, Sanja likes to take walks in nature, spending time with family, and sewing (her second profession).  She also enjoys yoga, meditation, painting, cooking, and music.  Sometimes, she goes to the theater or out to dinner with friends.

Latin American Coalition - Charlotte

Mara Martinez-Tavera

Mara is the daughter of two Mexican immigrants.  She was born and raised in a small town in west Michigan.  She completed her undergraduate career at Duke University in Durham, NC and has now relocated to Charlotte, NC.  Mara has always admired the diverse array of service programs to which AmeriCorps is connected and the meaningful ways each of them can impact communities.  She chose to join the ACCESS Project in particular because providing resources and support to immigrants and refugees in order for them to become self-sufficient is something that she is extremely passionate about.  Mara does not have a specific plan for what to do after her AmeriCorps term, but she hopes to continue working in the non-profit sector and eventually continue her education in graduate school.  Mara is passionate about practicing empathy!  She is also passionate about supporting the voices of people who are often ignored, overlooked, or just not given equal opportunities to speak on their own behalf.  In her spare time, Mara loves to talk and hang out with her close friends and family.  If she finds herself alone, she might pass the time writing or watching random YouTube videos.

Mary Saunders

Mary was born and raised in Kill Devil Hills, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  When asked why she chose to join AmeriCorps, Mary says that, to some extent, AmeriCorps chose her.  She had previously volunteered with her partner organization, the Latin American Coalition, and kept in touch with the staff there.  When she was told a position was opening up, she was excited about the chance to work with the Coalition again and serve the Latino community in Charlotte.  After AmeriCorps, Mary would like to continue to fight for justice in her city, serving underserved communities, and encouraging others to do the same.  She is passionate about music and the arts, preserving nature, and creating and maintaining quality relationships.  In her free time, Mary spends time writing and performing music in a band with her sister.  She also loves the outdoors, spending time with friends and family and going to concerts.

Legacy Crossing Community Center - Greensboro

Julia Whalen

Julia is from Charlotte, North Carolina.  She has been involved with the Legacy Crossing community since 2016 and loves serving at the community center there.  Julia is the only member this year returning for a second term with the ACCESS Project, after taking a year off to focus on school.  After her AmeriCorps year, she hopes to continue working with refugee and immigrant communities.  She would like to pursue an MSW or begin working full-time with a nonprofit organization that serves immigrant and refugee populations.  Julia is passionate about education, civil rights, and community arts.  In her free time, she likes to play jazz piano.

Samuel Silverstein

Samuel grew up in Summerfield and Greensboro, North Carolina.  He chose to join AmeriCorps to serve his home community and help develop intercultural bonds.  He also wants to develop himself as a helpful community member!  After AmeriCorps, Samuel would like to live in India and/or learn Swahili.  He is passionate about all kinds of music and language learning!  In his free time, Samuel likes listening to music, reading, learning languages, and cooking.

Marcia Terry

Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-ah) is originally from Detroit, Michigan.  She grew up in Rocky Mount, NC and graduated from high school while there.  She moved to Greensboro to attend college and then moved to Raleigh, where she lived and worked for 4 years.  She moved back to Greensboro 8 years ago and has been calling the area home ever since.  She chose to join AmeriCorps because she loves to serve people.  When she first heard about AmeriCorps, she knew it was something that she wanted to do but didn’t think she had the time to do it.  Her school schedule worked out so that she could still do a year of service and AmeriCorps was the perfect opportunity.  After AmeriCorps, Marcia plans to finish up her graduate studies and then use her AmeriCorps experience to help further her career.  She also hopes to get another opportunity to serve in AmeriCorps soon.  Marcia is passionate about serving people who are not afforded the same opportunities that she might have.  She wants to help as much as she can, to advocate on a macro level, changing policies that will benefit those in need.  She is also passionate about mental health counseling, especially for those who have been impacted by cancer.  In her free time, Marcia likes to spend her time serving the community, whether it’s at her church or volunteering to help teach English.  She also likes to spend time with family and friends, going to church, and her spiritual walk with God is very significant in her free time.

Andrea Byrns

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Lutheran Services Carolinas - Raleigh

Zaneb Ataullah

Zaneb’s family is originally from Pakistan, but she was born in North Carolina and raised in Raleigh for pretty much her entire life.  She chose to join AmeriCorps because she had a strong drive towards nonprofits and service work and had majored in international studies.  AmeriCorps aligns with my view of what service truly is.  She believes in giving back, especially as she was invested in as a child through community programs.  After AmeriCorps, she is considering getting a master’s degree.  She is passionate about service, politics, and international issues that affect globalization.  She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.

New Arrivals Institute - Greensboro

Lindsay Jamerson - LeaderCorps Representative

Lindsay is originally from Austin, Texas but has lived in Charlotte, NC for the last 12 years.  She now lives in Greensboro, NC and attends UNCG.  She chose to join AmeriCorps because she wanted to work with the refugee community and thought that ACCESS would be a great first experience.  After AmeriCorps, Lindsay plans to go to graduate school for conflict analysis or resolution.  She is passionate about volleyball, social justice, and school.  She is an advocate for LGBTQAI+ rights as well as the importance of multi-dimensional diversity.  In her free time, Lindsay likes to be creative, so writing, drawing, and listening to music.

Oakwood Forest Community Center - Greensboro

Alexus Rawls

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Kyleigh Yow

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Jasmine Harcum

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