Judith “Judy” Herrera

Service Years & Service Sites:

2014-2015 with the Glenwood Public Library
2015-2016 with the Interpreter ACCESS Project at the Center for New North Carolinians

I served two service terms with the ACCESS Project. As a shy and quiet person, AmeriCorps helped me get out of my comfort zone, boost my self-confidence, gain new skills, and discover strengths I didn’t know I possessed. I didn’t have prior experience working in a professional setting, and now I am working at the UNCG Center for New North Carolinians, coordinating the interpreter bank for the Interpreter ACCESS Project. This was something that I once thought was not possible.
The most memorable thing about my service was teaching adult learners from my ESOL classes at the Glenwood Library. The students came from different countries and cultures. I enjoyed getting to know individual students and their stories. Teaching them to read, write, and speak English was rewarding. The times I spent connecting and building relationships with my AmeriCorps peers were also memorable. I developed lifelong friendships with several of my peers from these interactions. I encourage everyone to look into joining AmeriCorps. It could be life-changing – it did for me!

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