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Intern Reflections

Summer 2018 Interns

“Working with the CNNC this summer has been an terrific experience. I am so thankful for the relationship I was able to build with the staff, the refugee population and other members of the Greensboro community. While I’ll certainly miss this place, I will hold my time here dearly to my heart.
-Joëlle Simeu, Bachelor of Arts at Washington and Lee University, Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty Intern

“My name is Gillian Belcher, I am going into my senior year as a social work student at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York. I have been lucky enough, thanks to the Shepard Program, to have been placed at the CNNC as one of the summer youth program interns at Legacy Crossing. My experience has not only given me direction for my career path, but has most importantly helped me become a better person. I was lucky enough to not only lead kids throughout activities, but I was blessed to have been taught by such incredible children. They showed me the importance of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, patience in building trust, and passion for what I do for the rest of my life. It is hard to pick just one thing that I have taken away from this summer, but the biggest thing that will always stick with me is allowing each day be a new day. I have learned that it is easy to get overwhelmed, but the only way to get the most out of anything that we do is to give ourselves a fresh start each and every day.”
-Gillian Belcher, Bachelor of Social Work student at Niagara University, Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty Intern

Summer interns (from left to right) Sarah, Mohammed, Gillian and Joëlle, working with AmeriCorps Member Tawanna (far right) make Mystery Camp a success

“The biggest takeaway that I’ve gained from my experience thus far is to be flexible. Being flexible has opened my eyes to other’s experiences, seeing my own ideas form into better ones, and allowing me to serve the community with a better understanding of others and myself,”
-Mackenzie Phillips, Bachelor of Social Work student at NC State University

“My biggest takeaway from the internship is that it is important to take the time to listen to people and understand their story. Taking the time to understand the cultural context in which someone is coming from will help you to form a relationship with them in a more intentional way.”
– Sarah Myers, Bachelor of International Studies student at UNC Greensboro


Fall 2017- Spring 2018 Interns

Intern Sarah Fricke assists a Glen Haven youth with homework as part of her internship

“Working as an intern at CNNC with the Thriving at Three program has allowed me the opportunity to work with a culture that I previously had limited experience and interaction with. Being able to meet these families and have a first hand look into their lives, including their fears relating to our current political environment, was truly a learning experience for me.”
– Kendra Bryant, Master of Social Work student at UNC Greensboro & NCA&T 2017-2018

“The only time people learn is to try, and CNNC is a wonderful place to learn.  During my internship, I enjoy the opportunity to work with refugee and immigrant from all over the world.”
– Hadiza Soumaila, Bachelor of Social Work student at NC A&T 2017-2018

“Through CNNC I have been able to strengthen refugee and immigrant communities while also learning valuable skills for my future career.  I have built relationships with families by providing uplifting support throughout challenges and crises.  I have also gained fulfillment through tutoring children of these families, to be more successful in school.”
– Sarah Fricke, Master of Social Work student at UNC Greensboro & NC A&T 2017-2018

“I have cherished my experience at CNNC learning from some incredible staff and investing my time with very diverse populations. I have learned a variety of critical thinking skills as I apply my school work to practice and seek to provide the best care for the people I interact with.  CNNC has been foundational in shaping who I aspire to be as a future Social Worker and the kind of work that I want to do.”
– Claire Poindexter, Master of Social Work student at UNC Chapel Hill 2017-2018

“This has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know a population that I would otherwise not have been able to meet. In the short time of my internship, I have learned so much.”
– Early Smith, Bachelor of Public Health student at UNC Greensboro 2017-2018

“CNNC is an organization where students are able to witness present day concerns among the immigrant and refugee communities in Greensboro. As a PHE student, I was able to enhance my learning experience and skill set by applying what I have learned at UNCG and utilizing them within the Glen Haven community. I have learned that the best way to assist the community members is by building trusting relationships with them. I had the opportunity to work closely with the Glen Haven Mother’s Group to create community-based events, which brought together their neighbors and community members from outside of Greensboro as well.”
– Jenny Lee, Bachelor of Public Health student at UNC Greensboro 2017-2018

Intern Justin Quimbo, along with AmeriCorps ACCESS Members Ghaisha Yahaya-Mohamed, Caroline McGuirk and Edith Walson