Intern FAQ

The CNNC is a great agency to complete an internship given the variety of programs offered and the extensive opportunity for growth. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, compiled by current CNNC interns.

Who can apply:
The CNNC Internship program is available to undergraduate, graduate level students, and non-degree seeking individuals. Disciplines can include social work, public heath, early childhood development, sociology, and non-profit management. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply. Non-degree seeking individuals can apply for professional development internship experiences.

What do CNNC Interns do?
Interns may participate in a variety of activities depending on their skill level, educational goals, degree requirements, individual passions, and the CNNC program in which they are participating. Opportunities include micro and macro level experiences:

  • Home visitation
  • Facilitation of group sessions
  • Case management
  • Needs Assessments
  • Case review during supervision sessions
  • After school homework help and other youth social enrichment activities
  • Accompany clients to health and human service appointments
  • Introduction, navigation, and advocacy with clients of social services, health care, public schools
  • Early childhood lesson planning
  • Referrals to local agencies
  • Interpretation
  • Experience working with Interpreters
  • Research projects
  • Attend local and regional meetings of agencies working with immigrants & refugees
  • Program planning and implementation
  • Participation in grant writing
  • Staff engagement
  • Strategic planning of community events
  • Fundraising/Development/Marketing
  • BSW and MSW supervision sessions

Can I get paid?
No. Unfortunately, the CNNC does not currently have the funds to pay our interns. Additionally, we are not able to provide reimbursement for any miles driven for the program. Some programs do require interns to use their personal vehicles.

What are the hours?
There is no standard number of hours or days for an internship at CNNC. Typically, interns work part-time with hours taking place during business hours, 9am to 5pm. Some CNNC programs have preferences for when interns work. The schedule is based on the number of contact hours required for academic credit, the schedule of programs and services the intern will be participating in, and the availability of the intern.

When is the application deadline?
The CNNC accepts interns for fall, spring, and summer semesters. While we do not have a specific deadline, we accept interns the semester prior to the semester the prospective student would like to complete the internship. We accept interns until we have met our capacity. We encourage applicants to apply early to ensure consideration for an internship.

How do I apply?
Prospective interns can apply here.

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