Family Violence Prevention Services Program


CNNC’s Family Violence Prevention Services Program (FVP) aims to address violence among refugee families of Greensboro through community collaboration, education, and capacity-building. Resettled refugees women are vulnerable to family violence, as many continue to endure trauma yet remain unaware of their legal rights and protections within the United States. Limited access to interpreters with family violence training and service providers that can act as cultural brokers further impedes refugees’ ability to safely seek support.


To counter violence experienced among refugee families in Greensboro, CNNC’s FVP utilizes a three-pronged approach that enhances:

1)    Continued collaboration among community providers including cross-education, training, program and service planning among domestic violence and refugee service providers to better meet the unique concerns of refugee individuals through informed, culturally appropriate care.
2)    Awareness, education, and community outreach among stakeholder communities about the cultural manifestations and implications of family violence. Community-based training targeted to both refugee survivors and perpetrators will encompass what domestic violence looks like in the US, its legal significance, and healthy coping mechanisms. Furthermore, FVP will educate service providers through family violence profiles created with local refugee communities.
3)    Capacity and infrastructure through trained and culturally competent interpretation. FVP will recruit bilingual/bicultural individuals (specifically females) to train as interpreters with domestic violence specialization. Outreach conducted among refugees and providers throughout Greensboro will ensure community awareness of these newly-trained interpreters and their unique services.

By increasing the knowledge and capacity of refugee families to access appropriate family violence resources while enhancing providers’ ability to respond to their distinct needs, FVP strives to reduce and prevent family violence experienced among refugee families in Greensboro.

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Population/Area Served

FVP serves refugees families in the greater Greensboro area with a focus on newly arrived refugees including communities from Bhutan, Burma, Central Africa (including Democratic Republic of Congo), Iraq, Sudan, and Syria.


To make  a referral, please complete our referral form and submit it to Natacha Nikokeza via fax, 336-334-5413.


For more information, contact Natacha Nikokeza at 336.334.5466 or

Sponsoring Source

The project is funded through the NC Council for Women.

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