Elizabeth “Lizzie” Biddle

Service Years & Service Sites: 2010–2012 with Glen Haven Community Center at CNNC

I always had a passion for justice and equity, but after being an AmeriCorps member, I had tangible, firsthand experience of the ways our society treats people inequitably since I have devoted both my personal and professional life to think critically, to work with others, and to seek a world where everyone’s potential may be fulfilled.

The power of service is one of my takeaways from joining the ACCESS program. Being an AmeriCorps Member cultivated a desire to not only serve those two years, but it really cultivated a lifetime of service. I continue to volunteer with refugees even today with a local resettlement agency, now ten years since I served as a Member.

So much was memorable about my service in AmeriCorps. I was very fortunate to have a supportive team that I served alongside. That included my co-AmeriCorps members, supportive supervisors at my site, the incredible leadership of the AmeriCorps ACCESS staff, and the staff at my site placement, the CNNC. For a young professional, recently out of undergrad, the AmeriCorps service provided me with a rich experience in the world of social services. While the social services field can be frustrating at times, so much is out of the control of the client and the case manager; it can also be an incredibly humbling experience. It was truly an honor and a privilege to support immigrants and refugees as they made Greensboro their new home.

Now, I work as a trainer and organizer with the Racial Equity Institute. We conduct two-day workshops exploring the origins, historic and present manifestations of race and racism with the goal of working toward racially equitable organizations and systems.

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