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Immigration in the US

Key Facts about Refugees to the US

Key facts about refugees to the U.S.

UNHCR Resettlement Fact Sheet

MPI Refugee Fact Sheet 2015 (pdf)


NC Advocacy

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-CHCCS families and staff

Bridging Youth and Children’s Services 


Syrian Crisis

UNHCR Warns Syria is at a Crossroads


NC Refugees

CNNC Refugee Fact Checker Security Measures (pdf)

NC Policy Watch (pdf)

NC Refugee Arrivals 2015-16 (pdf)

Demographics of Latinos in NC (pdf)


Undocumented Farmworkers

Here’s the Reality about Illegal Immigrants in the United States

Farmworkers’ Vital Contribution to North Carolina’s Economy

Losing Immigrant Workers on Dairy Farms

Fight Over Immigrant Workers Heads to Dairy Farms

Economic Impacts of Immigrant Labor on US Dairy (pdf)

Farmworker Justice – Selected Statistics (pdf)

Injustice on our Plates (pdf)


Immigrant & Refugee Service Agencies in the Triad

American Friends Service Committee

Church World Service

Faith Action International House

NC African Services Coalition

New Arrivals Institute


What are CNNC Research Fellows doing?

One CNNC research fellow’s research with at risk youth in Guatemala: