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AmeriCorps – Apply to be a Partner Agency



13 – Full-Time: Agency contributes $9,000 in cash match. Members serve 1700 hours over the program year. Members earn $13,992 in a yearly stipend and receive an education award matching the amount of the Pell grant. Full-time members may be eligible to receive health insurance and childcare subsidy.

13 – Part-Time: Agency contributes $4,500 in cash match. Members serve 900 hours over the program year. Members earn $6,996 in a yearly stipend and receive an education award matching half the amount of the Pell grant.

4 – Quarter-Time Education Award Only: There is no cash match contribution required. Members serve 450 hours over the program year at a non-profit agency performing work related to helping the immigrant and refugee communities. Members receive an education award matching a quarter the amount of the Pell grant. These positions are ideal for applicants seeking internships with your organization, money for school, and want to gain professional experience. They are also great for persons 55 years and older looking for volunteer opportunities as they can then transfer their education award to family members.


  • Be a not-for-profit organization and have 501(c)(3) status
  • Provides services targeting immigrant and refugee communities
  • Can provide a workstation, access to a computer, internet service, desk, and phone for an AmeriCorps member. Members can share the workstation but this information should be disclosed to the Members during the interview with your agency.
  • Have ONE assigned staff to provide supervision for the AmeriCorps member(s) on an on-going basis per partnership contract. The person(s) assigned to supervise the AmeriCorps members must undergo criminal history checks including: FBI, state, and sex offender registry search.


Please submit all of the following:

1) AmeriCorps ACCESS Partnership Application

2) Member Service Description (see Instructions for Creating the Member Service Description and List of Approved Service Activities)

3) Copy of 501(c)3 – unless part of local county school or public health departments


  • Applications open on Friday, November 30, 2018.
  • The deadline to submit your partnership application package is Friday, January 4, 2019.
  • You will be notified of the number of AmeriCorps positions awarded to your agency by Friday, February, 8, 2019.

SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS (via email) to:  Khouan Rodriguez @ acaccess@uncg.eduNOTE:  Please submit the ACCESS Partnership Application and Member Service Description as Microsoft Word documents.

Be advised that all agencies are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to begin their own AmeriCorps member recruitment based on the number of slots requested.


Please contact one of the ACCESS staff members below with any questions. Thank you.

Khouan M. Rodriguez, Project Director                          Cynthia Mejia, Project Training Coordinator
336-256-1060;                                 336-256-1375;