AC Member Leave Request

As per the ACCESS Member Leave Policy, members do not have a set number of leave hours.  Prior to taking time off, members are required to have accumulated the number of hours for which they are requesting leave. Any leave request must be pre-approved by the site supervisor AND the ACCESS Director.  Members must submit their leave request to the ACCESS Director for pre-approval.  Failure to obtain pre-approval may result in disciplinary action.

In the case of an emergency (i.e., illness, car trouble, etc.), the member can email their supervisor and the ACCESS Director.  A member CANNOT request to take leave the last week of August if they want to receive the full August stipend.

Members WILL NOT BE CREDITED service hours for days on leave. Members are responsible for making up any missed service hours due to sick, personal, holiday, inclement weather, or emergency leave, to ensure successful completion of the program year.