Montagnard Health Disparities Research Network

The Montagnard Health Disparities Research Network (MHDRN) is a community-based research partnership designed to create sustainable solutions to problems faced by the Montagnard community in the Triad region.

Members include CNNC Research Fellows, Montagnard community stakeholders, and local community supporters.

Issues addressed within this network include household food security and nutrition challenges, diabetes and hypertension, women’s literacy, health care access, community health worker and foreign trained physician needs and outreach efforts within the community, and mentorship and training of high school and college-age Montagnard youth.

Research Fellows: H Mai BuonyaY Yung BuonyaJigna M. DharodY Lhiam EnuolKhin HNavi KbourKwol KsaH Nu KsorSharon MorrisonY Bhim NieY Wun NieMaura NsonwuH Mila Tou ProngH Tuyet RahlanStephen SillsH Dera SiuH Wier SiuY Ya Kop SiuHuaibo XinAndrew Young, Sudha Shreeniwas

MHDRN Resources

Workable Solutions for Community Empowerment (slideshow)

Covers problems faced by the Montagnard refugee and immigrant community in North Carolina, community-based participatory research efforts specific to addressing Montagnard vulnerabilities, and key features of the Game Model concept and its utility in framing problems faced by refugees and immigrants.

Empowering Underserved Communities (slideshow)

Discusses newcomer adaptations and barriers, health vulnerabilities and disparities, and attempts to resolve those issues.

Women’s Learning Group (slideshow)

Redefining the limited roles of refugees and immigrants and empowering women as community health workers. Observe-orient-decide-act method.

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