Immigrant Health Access Project (IHAP)


Krycya Flores at 336.334.9889  (English/Spanish)
H’Tuyet R. Joyce “Snow” at 336.707.4010 (English/Vietnamese, Rhade & Jarai)

About Us

IHAP recognizes language and cultural barriers as the principal healthcare “problems” for growing number of new immigrants in the Greater Guilford area. The provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services is critical to deal with disease-specific treatment and establish prevention programs to low-income immigrant and resident minority populations.


IHAP aims to eliminate language and cultural barriers to health services by

  • coordinating the outreach efforts of experienced cross cultural Lay Health Advisors and  the Guilford Community Care Network,
  • increasing collaboration with “safety net providers,” and
  • providing access to primary care reducing the need to rely on the Emergency Department for non-emergencies

By providing opportunity for acculturating immigrants and proactively connecting these with the general health care system, IHAP Lay Health Advisors engage the immigrant communities across the county in case management efforts that assist immigrants in finding  their way in a new healthcare system.

Population/Area Served

Guilford County. Reaching over 500 immigrant families per year targeting Southeast Asians, and Latin Americans.

Sponsoring Source

Cone Health Foundation

Research Fellows

Raleigh Bailey

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